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Joining data using Metabase

Learn how to join data for powerful visualisations in Metabase


4 minutes read

A powerful new feature in Metabase version 0.33 allows you to join data together from your datasources to answer questions and create visualisations. This comes along with a complete refresh of the query builder within Metabase, which more than ever provides an easy way of exploring your data without having to rely on SQL. In this post, I’ll show you a quick example of how you can use these new features to join, aggregate and visualise some product usage data.

Build a product usage funnel with Metabase

Learn how to visualise product success in Metabase


4 minutes read

Metabase is a great app for learning about and visualising your product data. A mainstay of any product dashboard is the usage funnel - tracking the proportion of users that complete a product journey or goal within your service. Whilst Metabase has a funnel visualisation available, making it work can be a bit tricky - so here is a worked example.

Python for Product Managers

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