Free and open source apps for the data loving product manager

Analysing data doesn't have to be expensive - check out these free and open source analysis tools to get you started.


5 minute read

data analysis for product managers

Being a data driven product manager doesn’t mean you need your company to invest a lot up front. You can get started with little to no outlay, other than the time for you to setup and learn these tools (which, is really an investment in your personal development).

Build a product usage funnel with Metabase

Learn how to visualise product success in Metabase


4 minute read

Metabase usage funnel

Metabase is a great app for learning about and visualising your product data. A mainstay of any product dashboard is the usage funnel - tracking the proportion of users that complete a product journey or goal within your service. Whilst Metabase has a funnel visualisation available, making it work can be a bit tricky - so here is a worked example.