KPI Directory

Welcome to the KPI Directory where you can earn all about common used for managing products and services. Each KPI is listed with a simple definition and examples of when it can be used, along with useful links to find out more. If this was the 90's, I'd have UnderConstruction.gif right here - keep checking back or subscribe to our mailing list to see new entries.

Acquisition tracks bringing new users to your product or service | Read more
Activation tracks users signing up or activating their account | Read more
Average session length
The average amount of time spent using your product or service by users per session | Read more
Customer Acquisition Cost - the cost associated with acquiring a customer | Read more
Cost Of Goods Sold - the directly attributable costs of selling the product | Read more
The Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) measures the costs associated with acquiring one new paying customer for your product | Read more
The churn rate is the level of users stopping using your product within a period - see Attrition | Read more
Conversion rate
The ratio of customers who become paying users of your product vs. those that do not | Read more
Customer lifespan
Customer lifespan is the average length a user uses your product for, before ceasing and using an alternative | Read more
Customer Lifetime Value (LTV) is the estimated value (generally monetary) that customers typically bring before ending their usage of your product | Read more
AARRR (Aquisition, Activation, Retention, Revenue and Referral) is a group of KPI useful for tracking product success | Read more
Attrition measures the loss of users from your product or service | Read more
Net Promoter Score (NPS)
Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a measurement of customer loyalty and satisfaction | Read more
Percentage of users that refer a new user to your product or service each month | Read more
The System Usability Scale is a standardised questionnaire aimed at providing a 'quick and dirty' evaluation of a products usability | Read more