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Over at /r/ProductManagement there was a post recently asking what tools people were using to manage their products.

Well, the answers were interesting - but to make them more useful I’ve done a little bit of analysis to show which tool are most popular by sector. I massaged the data a little so that their were fewer but broader categories of industry, and once I’d seen the list of tools people were using I updated my own answers!

Anyway, here you can see which tools are most popular by sector:

Obviously, the Jira / Confluence usage is very strong, as are traditional tools such as MS Office / Office 365.

Taking things up a level, I thought it would be interesting to group the tools by type, to see what type of tools people are using. With only 21 responses, I’ve not normalised the data - it is what it is. However, I think it’s interesting to see.

In this aggregated view, there’s a strong showing for some core PM activities - planning, communicating and drawing!

Whilst there are no great surprises here, I hope that seeing the information graphically helps. In the future perhaps it would be worth running posts like this as a survey so there is more conformity in the data and data could be collected from other product management communities.

Any thoughts or requests, let me know in the comments!

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