Notebook Scheduler

Scheduled Jupyter notebooks to automate your analytics

Python for Product Managers

With all the posts about learning python, hopefully you’ve seen how Python and Jupyter Notebooks are powerful tools for exploring data about your products and services. In this post, I’d like to share a tool I’ve created to help make your life a little easier - a tool to run Jupyter Notebooks automatically on a hourly, daily, weekly or even monthly schedule.

Python for Product Managers

This is part of an ongoing series of posts to introduce you to Python and explore how it can help make your life as a Product Manager esier. In Part 1 of this series, we looked at installing Python, setting up Jupyter Notebooks and a glimpse of how you can use Python in your data analytics workflow. In Part 2 we explored Pandas in a bit more detail and loaded and explored some data.

Measuring usability with the System Usability Scale

A quick and dirty questionnaire for measuing usability

System Usability Scale

Usability and user experience are difficult to measure quantitatively. Often, measuring improvements (or regressions) in usability is primarily achieved through monitoring a range of interrelated metrics such as average session length, goal completion rates, defects raised or churn. These metrics, however, can all be influenced both positively and negatively by many factors - not just usability. One way of achieving direct feedback on the usability of a product, and thus being able to more directly measure it, is to use a questionnaire.