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Learning about the metrics that drive successful products

Animating Pandas Plots

Using the Celluloid module to animate pandas plots


2 minutes read

One of the powerful aspects of using Python as a Product Manager is that you have a lot of control over the presentation of your data analysis. And, once you’ve created your amazing plot, you can quickly and easily update the underlying data to provide updates. One of the lesser known aspects of plotting is the ability to create an animation, showing how particular trend changes over time or to incrementally build a complex plot. In this post, we’ll look at a simple method for…

Using Python to forecast a simple business case

Forecasting potential sales revenues using Python


9 minutes read

Every now and then as a Product Manager you get to do something amazing. You get to create something, to start a new product from scratch and turn a little idea into something big. Part of the work required when establishing if the idea has legs is to work up a business case, including a forecast of expected sales revenue - put simply, you want to know if the product will make money, how much and how fast.

Python for Product Managers

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